• Who we are

    We are a company, coordinating sales encouragement programs of all the category products in all sales outlets.

    Mature understanding and cohesion of the organization, process management, realistic capabilities and resources is our strength that has helped us to create evaluation and trust of our partners.

  • What we do

    Being one of the biggest providers of sales encouragement programs in sales outlets in Baltic countries, we have possibilities to provide our clients with optimal solutions that meet actual business terms and give expected results.

    We provide service to businesses that  are related to product sales and customer service.

    • Product manufacturers (local and foreign companies);
    • Importers;
    • Wholesalers;
    • Retailers;
    • Pharmaceutical companies;
    • All the businesses that are related to customer service;



    • All category handling of goods;
    • Monitoring of all category goods at retail outlets;
    • Audit of monitoring of goods;
    • Product rotation control;
    • Planogram implementation;
    • Promotional campaign implementation and control;
    • Distribution of advertising material;
    • Real time information.

    Indoor presentations/tastings/promo teams:

    • Execution of presentations, tastings;
    • Promo teams;
    • Project development and execution;
    • Reporting.

    Audit of POS:

    • Measuring share of shelf at POS;
    • Collecting information about the competitive environment;
    • Auditing the implementation of promotions;
    • Collecting information of sales prices;
    • Real time information or regular reports;
    • and other.

    Mystery shopper

    Trademark representation in the baltic states

  • Where we work

    • Lithuania
    • Latvia
    • Estonia

    We offer our clients a possibility to achieve every sales outlet that is in all the Baltic region, ensuring a feedback in actual time.

    We have strong cooperational relations with partners from Russia. We research each other’s markets, look for opportunities to combine IT solutions, so that we a high quality services in the Baltic states.

  • How we work

    Since the very beginning of establishing our business, we have been looking for new solutions, have been analyzing existing issues in the market, and have directed our notices to innovative process management.

    We realize the value of our offered service to our clients’ business. We also realize how big responsibility we carry taking up the functions of previous employees, and have concentrated on service quality. Our target is to get the highest possible financial returns from investments, so that clients could focus on manufacturing and sales arrangement programs.

    Customer reviews:


    SIA Nordic Sugar
    Marika Vela
    Sales manager

    Nordic Sugar AS is one of the first clients of TTT in Latvia. We cooperate
    for several years now and  take TTT as our true partners and supporters.
    Representative of a producer in a shop is crusual for successful sales and marketing.
    "Nordic Sugar" runs prosperous business in Latvia, and it comes to a very high extend
    thanks to excellent mechandising, executed by TTT. people of this company are accurate,
    precise, open and target oriented, therefore shop shelves are neat and tidy, orders from shops receivedin time, and client references - always positive. Thank you for cooperation!

  • How to contact us

    Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools
    , UAB
    Perkūnkiemio 4а-510, Vilnius, LT-2128      
    Sales department: + 370 636 37990

    HR department: +370 656 77326

    SIA „Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools”

    Bauskas iela 58/1-315, Rīga LV-1004
    Phone number: +371 259 01267

    OÜ “Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools”

    Oja 19, Tallinn 13516
    Phone number: +372 6099 006

  • Career

    Our company success depends on people. We pay plenty of attention to quality work and company management. We provide employees with social guarantees and career possibilities.

    We constantly invite students and other socially active people to get in touch with us to introduce our company with the features of active sales people, organizational and actor like and similar features, and try oneself at merchandising, launching of presentations/tastings, audit or survey performance projects.